From Laptop To Tablet

Electronics and I do not work well together haha! recetly our laptop broke and we had to switch over to a tablet until black Friday when we can get a nice laptop on sell.

     So as a temporary electronic we have a lovely tablet which does everything we need, thank goodness. Now I wish I had some great excuse as to why the laptop broke but honestly it was to my Husband and I goofing off. He thought it would be funny to throw a pillow at me while I’m sitting peacefully on the laptop! So out of my pure ninja instinct I threw my arm up to block the pillow and chopped the laptops screen! 




     So here goes a tad inappropriate blog. This blog is out of my usual but I want to write about it. 

     As most of us know sex is amazing! (If your married of course). I am by no means here to judge though. Anyways I am in such a mood to go buy a couple sexy outfits and flaunt them to my husband. How fun would a night of a sexy little fashion show at home be! Haha!     

     Victoria secret is usually a great place to get cute little things but they do not fit my bust size (which isn’t bad) haha. 

     So anyways I am ready to go out get all dolled up and make my hubby proud haha! There is nothing wrong with being confident and a tad cocky;) hahaha! 

     Goal of the week: be spontaneous!! 



Still In Shock

    So the fact that my Hubby leaves for army basic training in 45 days has not hit me yet. I have somehow managed to fool my brain into thinking it’s more than one and a half month away still!

     I think I don’t want to look at the reality because I don’t want to face him being gone so long, missing my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and possibly our 6 months. I know I sound like a total baby but Holidays are important to both of us and it sucks that our first few together we will be apart…

     Anyways, I am so proud of him! He is busting his butt working out with his recruit twice a week. He is shedding pounds left and right and gaining incredible muscle. I’m scared to see how much muscle he will have after basic hahaha!



DIY Wax Cubes

     I absolutely love candles and wax melts! But there is one problem with generic store ones… they are not strong enough and/or don’t last long!

     So I decided to pull out my inner genius and make my own! It was surprisingly super easy. All you have to do is buy wax chips, essential oils or fragrances, candle dye, and containers for the cubes (like ice trays).

     First you melt the wax. Then you add and mix your sents until you get something you like. Finally you pour it into your cube molds then let it set. Presto! 

     Hope you enjoy!!




Easy Peasy Dessert!

     Tonight I made a super easy dessert and decided to share it with yall.  It is a super yummy, easy, and not to mention cheap apple dumpling!


  1. Apples (2), any kind will do
  2. Crescent Rolls
  3. Mountain Dew, 12oz
  4. Sugar
  5. Butter
  6. Cinnamon


Step 1: cut, core, and peal the apples

Step 2: wrap the apple slices in the crescent rolls

Step 3: put the covered apple slices into a cake pan spaced evenly and pour the Mt.Dew over them

Step 4: melt enough butter to cover all the apples and sprinkle sugar & cinnamon over them

Step 5: place in oven at 350 for 25-35 minutes

Step 6: ENJOY:)!






     So lets talk about the topic nobody wants to talk about… FINANCES! I think it’s safe to say that most people are tight on money and/or don’t manage it the best.

     My Husband and I are experiencing tough times with money. Which is expected because we are dealing with our new life together and the merging of us into one.  We are learning new ways and places to pinch pennies haha!

     Today in church I was compelled to give half the money in my wallet to the church (the other half was for gas so this was leaving us cashless). My Husband was a little uneasy about it at first but during the service we got an amazing lesson that calmed us.

    Our service was about the beginning of Acts 5 and how this couple wasn’t being fully truthful about the money they were giving to the church. They weren’t being punished for not giving all their money to the church but the were punished for lieing about the money they gave to the church.

     Anyways the lesson was about tithing not just as a routine but tith because you love and fear God. Love compels us to do great and powerful things. We need to understand that if we are tithing for the right reasons God will return a blessing unto us! God doesn’t want us to be in debt (so don’t think I’m saying go empty your wallet) but he also doesn’t want us worried about material things and become greedy/stingy.

     After emptying our wallets at church we came home to $15 waiting for us. Yes, this is not a lot of money but I believe God has blessed us and is continuing to look out for us! More blessings and miracles are on their way:)!

     I am by no means a pastor so I hope this was easy to understand haha. God bless you all and just remember do things simply because it’s right and your compelled to it, not because it’s routine!


“I wish I was r…

“I wish I was rich so I could order a meal from McDonalds instead of the dollar menu items!”

     This is a quote from my lovely husband! He is so hilarious and adorable. I love him with all my heart. When he said this today I literally almost had a heart attack from laughing so dang much! Only he could think of such a thing to say hahaha!



     I need another tattoo!!! I am a tattoo chica who loves my tattoos. I have been patiently waiting for a new addition, I don’t know if I can wait much longer haha!

     There are so many ideas and options but I can’t decide which one I want next. As of now I only have two, I know I know I’m not fully tatted yet haha. I love the two, I have 3 stars on my foot which represent my two sisters and I. I also have “Psalms 45:11” on my arm/wrist area.



     These are the pictures of my current tattoos. I will keep yall posted on my newest additions to come haha!:)


Homemade Paracord Bracelets


My father in-law has some extra time lately and needs some extra money, so what better way then getting crafty! He is a major duck hunter and paracord bracelets, duck lanyards, and necklaces are big in the hunting world! The trend of the bracelets have now even spread to every kind of person and style.

He is making these bracelets for only $5 plus shipping (depends where you live, isn’t expensive at all)! That is a steal of a deal! please spread the word and support!

He has almost any color you can think of, bracelets consist of two colors of your choice. If you are interested please comment or email at with 2 color choices, size of wrist (in inches), mailing address, and any questions:)!

P.S. Due to cost we can only ship in U.S. at the moment, sorry!



Colors in picture are camo & brown (top) and purple & green (bottom)

poor pics sorry! will send more with colors if interested! 🙂

Motivation NEEDED!

     Someone who likes attention on them is NOT me. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me or petty for me. I like solving my own worries without worrying others and I like solving others problems as well which tends to cause even more worries! haha.


     I need to solve all these difficult situations and just move on. Getting into shape is one of my main goals but all this stress is pushing that back (yes I know no excuse, no excuse). Anyways so here is my plan for personal motivation: 

  1. Put unimportant things on hold, focus on one important thing at a time
  2. Pray, pray, pray
  3. Find a positive moment in each day (even the smallest glimmer of positive)
  4. Work out and gain positive endorphins, easier said than done haha
  5. Take at least 15 minutes to myself for quiet time
  6. Do a cleansing diet, for better health and more positive outlook

      Let’s give this a go haha! I am going to keep my head up and get through this hard month. I hope everyone else will too. Good luck to everyone in hard situations and God bless. We can all get through the hard times and see the bright times:)!

     Deuteronomy 31:6

“Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.”